June 22, 2023

Triathlon Gear Checklist: What to Pack for Your First Race

Preparing for your first triathlon can be an exciting and nerve-wracking experience. From training diligently to fine-tuning your nutrition, there’s a lot to consider. One critical aspect is packing the right gear to ensure a smooth and successful race day. In this article, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive triathlon gear checklist to help you pack effectively and confidently for your first race. You can find our comprehensive list in our Download Page for free.

1. Swim Gear:

– Swimsuit or triathlon-specific swimwear

– Wetsuit (if allowed or necessary based on water temperature)

– Swim cap

– Goggles (spare pair as backup)

– Towel

2. Bike Gear:

– Triathlon or road bike (in good working condition)

– Helmet (safety-approved and properly fitted)

– Cycling shoes

– Socks (moisture-wicking for added comfort)

– Sunglasses (to protect your eyes from the sun and wind)

– Water bottles and/or hydration system

– Bike repair kit (spare tubes, tire levers, pump, multi-tool)

– Bike computer or GPS watch (optional but helpful for tracking performance)

3. Run Gear:

– Running shoes (broken in and suitable for your running style)

– Moisture-wicking socks

– Race belt or number holder

– Visor or hat

– Sunscreen

– Body Glide or other anti-chafing products

4. Transition Area:

– Triathlon-specific backpack or gear bag

– Transition towel

– Plastic bags (for wet or dirty gear)

– Race belt with bib number

– Timing chip (if not provided by the race)

5. Clothing and Accessories:

– Triathlon race suit (optional but convenient for all three disciplines)

– Extra set of dry clothes for after the race

– Warm layers (depending on weather conditions)

– Flip-flops or comfortable shoes for pre- and post-race

– Compression socks or calf sleeves (for recovery)

– Personal identification (ID card, emergency contact details)

6. Nutrition and Hydration:

– Energy gels, bars, or chews

– Electrolyte drinks or hydration tablets

– Water bottles or hydration pack

– Pre-race snacks

– Post-race recovery drink or snack

7. Miscellaneous:

– Race confirmation and directions

– Money (for emergencies or post-race celebrations)

– Mobile phone and charger

– First aid kit (band-aids, pain relievers, blister pads)

– Plastic bags (for trash or dirty gear)


Packing the right gear for your first triathlon is crucial to ensure a smooth and enjoyable race day experience. By using this comprehensive checklist, you’ll have everything you need to swim, bike, and run to the best of your ability. Remember, organization is key, so start packing well in advance and double-check your checklist to avoid any last-minute panic. Most importantly, have fun, stay focused, and celebrate your accomplishment as you cross the finish line of your first triathlon race. Good luck!

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