All Stressed Out!

Our All Stressed Out Podcast: Episode 006. In this Episode of Addicted2Triathlon, we talk about the many situations that give you stress. Whether it is physical or emotional mental fatigue, we discuss how these affect your training. Your body cannot tell the work out stress that you are working on to strengthen you versus the stress brough on by several other factors. In this episode, we talk about what to do when the stress gets too much for you and how to deal with it. We also talk about the positive stress that you are enduring doing base training, periodization training, and tapering. Sit back and enjoy our podcast, but don’t get all stressed out!

Tri-Gut Health

Tri-Gut Health

Tri-Gut Podcast: Episode 023. In this episode of Addicted2Triathlon, we talk gut health and how it can affect your triathlon training. Kate opens up and goes in depth to discuss…

Mere Mortals

Addicted2Triathlon Mere Mortals

Mere Mortals Podcast: Episode 022. In this episode of Addicted2Triathlon, we talk about the increased cost of triathlons. So, we decided to do Self Supported Triathlons every week, much like…

Ironman Texas 2024

Ironman Texas

Ironman Texas Podcast: Episode 021. In this episode of Addicted2Triathlon, we head to The Woodlands, TX to cheer on the athletes for Ironman Texas. We even brought along our Chiweenie,…

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